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Was Elijah the prophet a Gentile Music revelation died now he's one of the few famous characters in the Bible with no genealogy now the genealogy of Gentiles just isn't very important so it's not recorded for us but if you're a Jew you're gonna want your genealogy recorded so you can say my father is so-and-so I'm 100 percent Jewish such as David the son of Jesse or zechariah the son of berechiah the son of ido the prophet this is standard Jewish practice so you can trace your genealogy to prove that you are 100 percent Jewish you can show your pedigree I mean if you can't prove your genealogy then you might be a Samaritan someone of mixed blood and you're not a four Jew oh that's terrible to the Jew if you can't trace your genealogy but Elijah we know nothing about him it's almost as if he's a Gentile now let's go ahead and read the first verse where he appears in first Kings chapter 17 and Elijah the Tishbite of the inhabitants of a Gilead said to Ahab now let's look at the Hebrew now the Bell markings were not in the original text that was added about a thousand years later in about 600 AD they started adding vowel markings now here's the Hebrew text and you notice this symbol here it just means the okay and this symbol here it means from now you notice the word after these two symbols is the exact same word now notice this word translated who was of the inhabitants of so if we look here let's go ahead and read and Elijah the Tishbite who was of the inhabitants okay we click on who was of the inhabitants we click on this which is H 84 53 h4 Hebrew right is the word it's all logged okay and look what it brings us is the word toast shava and look how is translated nine times this word is translated sojourner in the King James Bible three times it's translated as stranger and one says foreigner so this word means a sojourner a stranger a foreigner someone who is not of this country right you're a visitor in this country now if you notice here so Strong's definition tole job you can spell it this way here or you can spell it this way here both ways uh this is a catalogue Escoto job which means foreigner right here resident alien or foreigner inhabitant sojourner stranger so technically this verse can be translated as and elisha the foreigner from the foreigners of gilead said to ahab now let's look at some other translations here is the American Standard Version okay they translated this verses and Elijah the Tishbite who was of the sojourners of Gilead said unto a.m. here's the Hebrew names version they translated as a Lea or a Lea who the Tish be the Tishbite who was of the foreigners of Gilad Gilead said to uh of a hub so here they translate it who was of the foreigners of Gilad now no patriotic you is going to ever accept that Elijah was a Gentile I'm the guy was literally one of their greatest prophets up along with Moses and I've heard many Christians and Jews say God only uses or Jews as prophets I think that's absurd what about Noah was knowledge you know he was the father of pair of the human race and Enoch who was before Noah Enoch the Prophet was a Gentile now Jewish people we'll never accept that Elijah was a Gentile so maybe this word Tish P was invented in fact Tish B is nowhere to be found nobody knows where Tish B is they say all well is probably somewhere in Gilead because says he's of the inhabitants of gilja but it's never been found nowhere in the Bible is a tishbite or Tish B ever mentioned it's almost as if they invented this word Tish B so it doesn't have to read foreigner toch ah've so this word Tish B was created and invented so you have Jewish scribes writing copying this on text and they say Elijah the foreigner the toes off oh well that can't be so they create this word Tish B so he's not a foreigner now I will say I'm ninety-nine point nine nine percent sure that Elijah was a Gentile because maybe I am wrong maybe there is a count of Tish be somewhere that nobody knows but it sure sounds a whole lot like toch off which means foreigner when you take out all the vowels it just reads toch off unless you create this word Tish B even the King James translators knew will other than toch off what other word could it be so they just cataloged it as toch off and they translated as the inhabitants now i pointed out earlier that there were two ways to spell this word and i think it was a deliberate corruption by the Jewish scribes they took out one of the letters are one of the symbols because in the mind of a Jew there's no way Elijah is going to be a foreigner now even though the scribes corrupted some of those girls and scriptures and I'll show you some of those later the Bible is still 100% inspired the first original copy was 100% perfect inspired no problems but through the years as a scribes began to copy the squirrels certain errors began to creep in and some scribes they changed some of the the words now there appears to be deliberate corruptions in the tech and I'm going to point out a few to you but the Bible the context and content as a whole it remains unchanged the Bible is without a doubt inspired the content the stories everything is perfect it's unchanged but we have a few words and perhaps some numbers.

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