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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 8453 S App

Instructions and Help about Are Form 8453 S App

2290 tax this is Casey hello Casey how are you I'm doing fine how about you I'm doing good as well I'm actually a pay preparer and I've been hearing this PTIN word for a while and I do not know what it means so what is it um the pizza is the preparer tax identification number and it's issued by the IRS and basically it's if you are paid to prepare a federal tax return like the 2290 they want you to register they want to know who you are so me being a paid preparer I need a half one in order to prepare taxes from now on got a half one and then how do I get one um are you in front of your computer right now yes I am it's it's pretty simple it doesn't take very long at all you want to start off by going to WWII rs gov okay I'm there okay and then there's all these buttons along the top row in the middle it says tax professionals do you see that I do perfect you'll click on that and then you'll see the big blue banner that says importance so I guess that's where I set up yeah that's where you sign up you'll click the sign up now button and this is really just an information page if you scroll down a little bit you'll see this checklist of what you need to get before you start and if you click on there it's just I think it's like six or seven things that's your social it's your personal name and mailing address your business name and mailing address and then there is also an annual fee of sixty four dollars and 25 cents so you do want to have a credit card ready very cool and after I have all of this things ready to go I click on sign up now and start the process correct you'll sign up now and they've kind of hidden it in the bottom left hand corner over here because you're a new user you're gonna begin here for your sign up and you'll fill this information out first name email address your login everything like that and then they'll email you a password and you can log in with that and fill out the application and your nuts that's it that's it awesome well thank you so much Casey no problem you have a good one okay get to Anna when are you in the office oh I'm here from about 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific time and you can call me directly my phone number is eight eight eight eight oh two four two nine nine thank you so much.

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