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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 8453 S Authenticate

Instructions and Help about Are Form 8453 S Authenticate

Welcome to the next free video in the Active Directory training course in the last video I looked at how to create sites and subnets in this video I will look at how these sites can be configured to replicate Active Directory traffic in an efficient way that matches the current state of your network first of all I will start with just the New York site in this particular case let's say the New York site has seven domain controllers in it if the client were to log into the network they would be authenticated by one of the domain controllers if the user then changed their password and logged off and logged on a second time they would be authenticated by a different domain controller for this reason you want replication within a site to happen quickly this type of replication is called intra site replication interest site replication is replication that happens between domain controllers in the one site you will be happy to know that Active Directory handles this kind of replication without any configuration it does this by connecting all the domain controllers in that site together in a ring you can see that the seven domain controllers are each connected to two other domain controllers this gives some redundancy and also reduces the number of connections required in sites with a large number of domain controllers in Windows Server 2023 and above intra site replication will start 15 seconds after a change has been made on a domain controller with such a small delay all domain controllers on this network will receive the change in less than a minute if the number of domain controllers on this network were increased to 8 the delay for a change to replicate to each domain controller starts...