Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 8453 S Debit

Instructions and Help about Are Form 8453 S Debit

Paper or plastic debit or credit what sad if find out now Music does the cashier ever ask you paper or plastic that's like do you want to kill trees and make your bag or after throw it away Pluto shion's and kill see life let's bag that discussion for a different kind of plastic dilemma credit or debit how you answer could kill your finances using a credit card is like getting a short-term loan from the credit card company there's no interest charge they've paid in full every month but with very high rates if you carry a balance debit cards are like writing a check both debit and credit cards have limits well your debit card is limited to how much I have in the bank your credit card limit is usually a lot higher in fact it could be a lot more than you have or hope to have soon and once you can't pay the credit card bill in full you could fall into a nasty debt spiral racking up interest each month and then interest on the unpaid interest and things can get out of control in a hurry so if you use a credit card without the funds to back it up you'll never know what hit you so we're debit cards safer yes or no in a crisis that can't handle emergency expenses that go beyond the funds you have in the bank and wealthy people know that the best way to succeed is if you use OPM other people's money and that's what you get with a credit card look what happens when your card is stolen with a credit card you're only liable for up to fifty dollars by federal law and some companies will make you pay that at all they're busting their butts to stop the card and find the crook cuz that dude is spending their cash and with a debit card you're still limited to fifty dollars but only if you notify the bank within two business days if it takes you longer to find out you're liable for a whopping $500 and that's if you tell the bank within 60 days after that you're responsible for all charges if you don't notice your bank account could be emptied and even if you do tell them right away that money has already been taken from you the bank could take weeks to investigate the issue before returning the money to your account try telling your landlord all the rent money as soon as the big it's investigation Piper oh you don't have to raise your voice I can give you half rewards ten be better on credit cards and debit cards but those wiped out if you rack up interest charges the last important distinction is the by paying your credit card on time you can build up a good credit score using a debit card exclusively gives you no credit history that makes car loans and mortgages really difficult to get because the lender can't assess your risk level using a credit card established as your credit history for better or for worse join money tips and you can check a credit score and read your credit report for free and we can help you get a new credit card but it's up to you to use it responsibly can I just get two more weeks you need to relax a grown man this has been Professor money tips Music you.

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