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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 8453 S Pros

Instructions and Help about Are Form 8453 S Pros

Music hi there this is Ranjit and in this video we'll be doing the unboxing and have a first look at the Samsung Galaxy j7 next and this sort of a budget oriented the Android phone type Samson and regarding the pricing as you can see it's priced at rupees 12,300 it says but this is available for around eleven thousand five hundred and nine BR and this is also being sold in India on Flipkart I'll have the link in the show notes then as you can see here it says that I don't like the fact that it comes with just 16gb of internal storage it is having a 5.5 inch AMOLED screen but it's a HD that means it's a 720p screen and it has this Exynos octa-core processor which is actually a 7870 when I was surprised because the more expensive one this is the Galaxy j7 pro that I unbox just yesterday in fact the Galaxy j7 pro is having the same processor and this cost almost 21,000 so it's pretty strange for Samsung to do this but again I'm not complaining anyways moving to the cabinet 13 megapixel rate five megapixel front facing and it says it's for charity but only 2gb ram that we are getting with this one so let's quickly open this up and have a first look maybe if you are just on a very tight budget and you just want a samsung phone maybe this might be good for you but let's have a look and this is the phone itself and initial impressions I would say this is made up of plastic not metallic build quality we come back to this one a bit later let's quickly see what else do we get in the box so some paperwork likes our information Quick Start Guide and stuff regarding SAR it says that SAR value is 0.61 so that's regarding SAR let me keep that to the side and again standard accessories that we are getting normal it accepts a mic micro USB cable that you are getting and we also get a headset interestingly we are getting the same headset even with the Galaxy j7 Pro so same stuff let's look at the charger and even the charger is same I can't believe this it's a normal charge or not a fast charge of 5 volts at one point five five so this is the same charger that you're getting with the Galaxy j7 pro so let me keep these things to the side and let's look at the handset itself so this is the Galaxy j7 next and let me first give you a physical overview on the top actually we have nothing anthesis plastic body that's not metallic and power on/off button over here bottom we have the 3.5 mm headphone jack microUSB main microphone and here we have volume rockers back we have the looking for the speaker the 13 megapixel rear facing camera and it says duo's to put in your cell you actually have to open this up like older phones again as you can see this is made up of plastic and the battery is actually removable as you can see this is a 3000 milliamp hour battery so many people some of the people I know still prefer I don't know for what reason role battery this one is having a removal battery moving to the SIM card and configuration you cannot actually two SIM cards over here and this above slot is for a micro SD card so you can put two SIM cards and a micro SD card with this device and in fact you will have to put a what do you say SD card on this because the student is actually pretty limited internal storage I'll show you that later when we boot this device so let me put this back and this one does not have any fingerprint scanner let me try to boot this up and it gave me haptic feedback and by the time it boots up and I set it up let me give you a configuration overview the scallop cd7 next is part by the XE no 7870 chipset which is an octa-core processor and it has the Mali T 830 MP 2 GPU it has a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED screen it is a 720p HD screen going to ram it has 2 gigabytes of RAM 16 GB of internal storage it also has FM radio moving to the camera it has a 13 megapixel rear facing camera and a 5 megapixel front facing camera and the battery is a 3000 milliamp battery so I've just finished setting up this device and many of you might be I will talk about this device later but because I unbox I know I'll get that question this one as you can see is more premiums as a stack always on display this is j7 pro but this one is almost 21,000 and this one has a fingerprint scanner but the UI is very familiar as you can see this one again does not have water brightness and other stuff this has all that so yeah but the processor is the same in both of them this one actually has higher Rams 3 gigabytes of RAM and 64gb of internal storage and definitely this one feels a lot more premium to whole lugging you can check out my unboxing video of the jacinth pro for more info so something definitely trying to differentiate the price point this is another plastic bag that is having metallic bag but let's look at some of the other things and the UI is this new TouchWiz UI that you're getting it's known as the TouchWiz experience but you can notice that on this one g7x when you do that you're getting that slight lag enos and animations I don't know if you are able to notice it.

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