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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 8453 S Ting

Instructions and Help about Are Form 8453 S Ting

The Hawker Siddeley Nimrod was a maritime patrol aircraft developed and operated by the United Kingdom it was an extensive modification of the de Havilland comet the world's first operational jet airliner it was originally designed by de Havilland's successor firm hawker siddeley further development and maintenance work was undertaken by hawker siddeley zone successor companies british aerospace and bae systems respectively designed in response to a requirement issued by the Royal Air Force to replace its fleet of aging of ro Shackleton's the nimrod mr 1 / mr 2's were primarily fixed-wing aerial platforms for anti-submarine warfare operations secondary roles included maritime surveillance and anti-surface warfare it served from the early 1970s until March 2022 the intended replacement was to be extensively rebuilt nimrod mr2 s designated nimrod MRA for however due to considerable delays repeated cost overruns and financial cutbacks the development of the MRA for was abandoned in 2022 in addition to the three maritime reconnaissance variants to further nimrod types were developed the raf operated a small number of the nimrod r1 an electronic intelligence gathering variant a dedicated airborne early-warning platform the nimrod aw 3 was in development from late 1970s to the mid-1980s however much like the MRA for considerable problems were encountered in development and thus the project was canceled in nineteen eighty-six in favor of an off-the-shelf solution in the Boeing e3 sentry all nimrod variants had been retired by mid-2022 development equals mr 1 equals on jun 4 1964 the british government issued Air Staff requirement 381 to replace the avro shackleton such a replacement was necessitated by the rapidly approaching fatigue life limits of the RAF cigs isten Shackleton fleet a great deal of interest in the requirement was received from both British and foreign manufacturers offer dare cry oft including the lockheed p-3 orion the Braga at Atlantic and derivatives of the hawker siddeley trident BAC one-eleven vickers vc10 and de Havilland comet on februari second 1965 British Prime Minister Harold Wilson announced the intention to order hawker siddeley zamaria time patrol version of the comet the HS 801 the Nimrod design was based on that of the comet for civil airliner which had reached the end of its commercial life the Comets turbojet engines were replaced by rolls-royce pay turbo fans for better fuel efficiency particularly at the low altitudes required for maritime patrol major fuselage changes were made including an internal weapons bay an extended nose for radar a new tail with electronic warfare sensors mounted in a bulky fairing and a ma d boom after the first flight in May 1967 the RAF ordered a total of forty-six nimrod mr 1s the first example entered service in october 1969 a total of five squadrons using the type were established for were permanently based in the UK and a fifth was initially based in malta equals r1 equals 3 nimrod aircraft were adapted for the signals intelligence role replacing the comet c 2 s and Canberra's of number 51 squadron in May 1974 the r1 was visually distinguished from the mr2 by the lack of a ma d boom it was fitted with an array of rotating dish aerials in the aircraft's Bombay with further dish aerials in the tail cone and at the front of the wing-mounted fuel tanks it had a flight crew of four and up to 25 crew operating the sigi NT equipment only since the end of the Cold War has the role of the aircraft been officially acknowledged they were once described as radar calibration aircraft the r 1 s have not suffered the same rate of fatigue and corrosion as the mr2 s11 was lost in a flying accident since the types introduction this occurred in May 1995 during a flight test after major servicing at raf kinloss to replace this aircraft an mr2 was selected for conversion to a 1 standard and entered service in December 1996 the Nimrod are one was based initially at raf wyton cambridgeshire and later at raf waddington in Lincolnshire England and flown by 51 sqn the two remaining Nimrod r1s were originally planned to be retired at the end of March 2022 but operational requirements forced the RAF to deploy 12 raf akrotiri cyprus on march 16th in support of operation elemi the last flight of the type was on jun 28 2022 from raf waddington in the presence of the chief of the Air Staff ACM sir stephen dalton 15 249 the former mr2 is now on display at the raf museum cus ferd west midlands the r1 is being replaced by three boeing rc-135 w rivet joint aircraft acquired under the air seeker project the first aircraft was delivered in late 2022 equals mr2 starting in nineteen seventy five thirty five aircraft were upgraded to mr to standard being redelivered from august 1979 the upgrade included extensive modernization of the aircraft's electronic sweet changes included the replacement of the obsolete ASV MK 21 radar used by the Shackleton and Nimrod mr one with the new emmys are quarter radar a new acoustic processor capable of handling more modern sonobuoys a new mission data recorder and a new electronic support measures which included new pods on the wingtips provision for in-flight refuelling was introduced during the Falklands War as well as hardpoints to allow the nimrod to carry the aim-9 sidewinder missile to counter enemy argentine air force maritime surveillance aircraft in preparation for operations in the gulf war theater several mr2 s were fitted with new communications and ECM equipment to deal with anticipated threats at the time these modified aircraft were given the designation mr2 p GM the nimrod mr2 care it out three main roles a gyro anti-submarine warfare anti-surface unit warfare and search and rescue its extended range enabled the crew to monitor maritime areas far to the north of Iceland and up to 4,000 kilometers out into the western Atlantic with air-to-air refuelling range and endurance.

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