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I think our children have more robust intelligence and questioning to be able to cope with looking at all the different theories that are out there. I agree, I wish there was time for children to learn all the different theories. They were shaped by extraordinary people who decided to observe the Stars, The Rock's life heat, light, and matter with open minds. They made conclusions based on evidence, not their religious beliefs. Surely, the knowledge they've handed down to us will never be kept from our children. We have a revelation from one who says, "I know everything, I've always been there, here's what happened in the past." So when we take that revelation, put on our set of glasses, and we look at the evidence, we can say, "Now I understand." Fossils couldn't afford before sin, there was no death before sin. There was a global flood that connects to geology. What is the age of the earth? When did the creation actually occur? And of course, we're going to go to the Bible. How we make advances in science is being open to all different perspectives, and that's all that we're calling for. Let's qualify that fundamentalists don't advocate teaching all of the thousands of different perspectives that are out there, like the idea that the earth is expanding or that aliens from another planet help build the pyramids. What they want is to be able to teach just one different perspective, and the fundamentalist lobby is running a well-targeted campaign to convince parents, not just in the United States, but also in other countries of two things: that creation science and intelligent design are science, and that there's a real debate about our origins going on within the scientific community. And let's face it, most people...