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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 8453 S Upload

Instructions and Help about Are Form 8453 S Upload

Now we're gonna upload our audio recordings themselves. This is where we actually send in those recordings to ality. There are two ways to do it. You can either click on the big plus button and it'll bring up a file selector so you can find them on your computer. Alternatively, you could drag them in from elsewhere. I'm gonna show you the dragging method. So here we go, I've found some audio recordings. I just choose the one I want, let's go for this wav file here. Ality can take any audio file format, from Wave to mp3 to OGG, so you have flexibility. As soon as I drag the file in, it appears here as a file to upload. You can bring in more files if you like, so I'll drag in another one here. They both appear now. You can also reorder them, which helps automate your production process. You can bring in 2, 3, or 4 clips, for example, and put them in the right order. In a later video, I'll show you how you can get them to produce automatically. Let's say we want the intro first, followed by the mono recording. Once you're all ready, click the upload button and the files will start uploading. Please note that some audio files can be quite large, so this process may take a little while. Additionally, we do some processing at this stage. If you have big files and quite a few of them, it can take up to a few minutes. However, hopefully, it won't take too long for you, and you'll soon have your files right there in ality for the next stage.