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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8453 S Email

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8453 S Email

So here's a little tutorial on how to fill out a PDF that you get in your email this is especially easy if you use Gmail because you can just click on the attachment PDF to open it go to open width and then I use hub you just click that it'll open in this application in Gmail give it a bit of a second it'll ask for permissions just say allow and that took a little while to load that's probably just because it's the first time I'm using it usually it doesn't take that long but yeah it's super easy so I have a form here and if I want to fill out I can use my text tool and just click where I want to put a name same with like any other place I need to put numbers or anything I can just use this text tool and just click and then put in a bunch of numbers and even after you filled something up you can click on it with the text tool and keep editing it and if I want to sign something like down here I can use this drawing tool and draw a signature like so that's my real signature or you can use this sign tool so it has zero save signatures but you can add one close this dialog there we go create signature and you can draw it and just draw like a signature like that save as default and it'll save your signature so anytime you have a contract or something and you want to just use your signature yeah we got it you can click your signature to put it on the file and then just drag it where you need it to be and then once you're done with it you go up to this file menu up here and you say email as attachment or you could download it as a PDF which is what I usually do because I like to keep a copy of it on my computer so it'll open if you're using Chrome it'll open in the browser just go to right-click and save as and usually I'll keep the same file name and just put signed at the end of it save go back to my email reply and then attach yeah yeah this is a new account so it's giving me all these messages and then I'll attach the PDF easy is that so I can fill it out sign it and that just took a couple of minutes I hope this was helpful to you all right let me know if you have any questions.

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