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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 8453 S Rom

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 8453 S Rom

In this session of the basics we are going to review how to add and fill out a form from your forms library in your account so let's get started from the home page of my app file I need to access the forms library so I can add forms I do that by going to the middle of the left-hand column below file contacts and clicking on the green add forms button this takes me to the dialog box that shows the forms library the main window here shows a giant list of all the forms in my forms library I hate using long lists so let me show you three shortcuts to finding forms you want to add to your app files the first shortcut is to find a specific form by searching for it I do that in this blank box with a magnifying glass and I can use a filter word 2 for my forms in this example I'll type in the word short and then scroll down the list and you will see that it appears to be much shorter and I will find the form I'm looking for in this case I'm going to choose the short sale addendum to the listing agreement once I click it it adds it to the selected forms box over on the right cueing it up I'm going to do four different forms for this example now let's explore the second shortcut the first thing I'm going to do is remove the filter words short then I'll go up to the top where it says select the form package and click on the drop down I see at the very top there's a group called view form packs and I'm going to choose the neighbor listing package in this group of forms I see a short list of most of the forms that I would choose to do a neighbor listing I will choose to the listing of residential improved property and let's do also the PPR disclosure form and as I click on each one you'll see that it comes over here to the right hand side another thing that I can do is on the right hand side I can reorganize these forms in the order that I'd like to see them so I can click on this green area here and move this item to the top so now my listing agreement is at the top of the document group the third way to find a form very quickly is to hit the little drop down arrow again and search by type you simply scroll down the list of groups to find the ones you want in this case I'll look for Naples listing agreements or let's say Naples listing forms so I click on that and I just choose lead-based paint law broker notice and it is also moved over to the right-hand side I have two options to add them to my app file I can add them as a single merged form or I could change and click on the AZ add as separate individual forms to add them individually I'm going to choose in this example to add them as a single merged form because they are going to be easier to fill out and I want to send the whole group to my customer to sign this group defaults to the first form on the list but I can rename it once I click on the add selected forms green button at the bottom of this dialog box the forms are now added to my app file and I can go to the top and click on the little blue box next to the title of the form and rename it listing Docs and then always be sure to click the check mark to make sure it saves the forms are now added and renamed in looking at this group I can scroll down and I notice that some lines where I can click and type our orange and some are blue as I scroll down further I see all the areas that are to be signed or initialed as they are highlighted in yellow to start filling out my forms I will go back to the top and I'm going to choose to use one of the orange boxes let's go down here where the address is and I'm going to type in the address romaine street number one zero zero for Naples Florida 3 for 102 please always be sure to use the full address then I click tab now if I scroll down I can see the other area where this address is added one two three main street as I may have filled out the file information or completed the new file information sheet for this particular app file I'm using I can import values into my form that will be Auto filled where they are needed I can do that by clicking this little yellow box at the top of my forms where it says import values I haven't filled out any forms previously but had I I could have imported values from the other forms I did however fill out the info fields so let's click on the yellow button it opens a dialog which defaults to select import type since I only added info fields I will import those values into my form once I choose info fields a new box appears this asks me to import the source and I can see that seller information has six matching values and selling broker and agent info has one matching value now I click Choose and I'll see the information that will be added to my forms and I click start import then once it's completed I click done now you can see this information is imported onto each form that requires that information another feature I really like is multi-line fields the.

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