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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8453 S Abroad

Instructions and Help about Form 8453 S Abroad

You hmm good afternoon this is check off mic if it's working well we will see if you can arrest okay so so by this we want to officially welcome you on this webinar we are really grateful for for the interest that your left foot in we didn't expect it that much people on this on this event so we hope that you will really enjoy it we hope that the quality will be good enough that you will hear everything what you need and we are quite looking forward to this we will just firstly briefly introduce us we are to hear we'll share our experience and who will talk about Isaac so my name is Malik my next ridge CO I'm 24 years old I am originally from Brno I was oh my i was one of my internship in bulgaria and currently i am working in aiesec so i have thought of knowledge that i can share with you how the internships are working and you can have any questions you want and hey my name is Petra I'm here because two years ago I was abroad device in Indonesia and actually I would like to share my story with you and about me briefly I'm 26 right now i'm working in in a bank and working in unicredit bank as a recruitment specialist and i'm finishing my my master degree hopefully this year perfect so we are here just for you what we need to say that because of the techniques there is bit delay between what we are saying and what you're hearing so we are like talking to you from from the future or from from the past we don't know exactly there is some delay so please be patient with the answer questions and for the flow firstly we will say something about Isaac and about about how it's working then we will share our stories and for all the time please pay attention and write write down your notes and in the end there will be space for your questions so please do not write into the chat your questions now but you will be given by time in the end let's say in 40 or 45 minutes so let's start with this webinar firstly I want to say that the we are from organization Isaac which is really long history it's working national internationally from 1948 so we have good tradition and this internships are a good name in the world and into the public as well and what I set out main idea is that we as Isaac wants to develop many people especially we want to want to develop leadership skills in them to be nearer and make positive impact in society because we really want to take care of surrounding and people around us and what does it mean exactly leadership maybe you're asking for this work we wanted to really support people to be developing this eras really want people to believe in themselves that they buy the experience abroad the early aware of who they are but I therefore tarde a strong side switch sides what do they want to do in the future we also want to encourage them it ok you are young person you are from 20 to 25 let's say but still a sting TV dome you can really bring some change also by internships we already want to support open- of the people because we are influenced by by media and by stories of our friends or maybe people from work or other students but the best thing you can do to understand other countries is to go there and spend there some time with locals and I think it's really understanding myself as i said to see the strengths weaknesses passions to see that everybody is good in something and everybody is totally bed in something and if you know it you can really understand it and you can use this knowledge to delete the people and in the end we really want to somehow raise people who are carrying about the address who are caring about the society you can imagine it that you don't need to change the world but you can take care early of the neighborhood where you are living so we've already create are not just blaming the others and who are not let's say bitching that much about the society but the people that are actually wanting to make a change for this and how we are striving to create those people we've actually these two programs of a broad internships and I think this is the reason why you're here so you can see logos of global talent and global this global citizen Google talent are working professional internships global citizen our cultural will volunteering internships when we are going through your expectations from this meeting you asked us a lot of questions and here are some of the answers here are the basic conditions of both programs in global talent the main fields working on is marketing education 90 the length is from 3 to 18 months it depends on description it depends on the countries we have 260 country partners that you can go to and really you can choose from those fields and from different length of the internship in the database currently is more than 5,000 opportunities in this program for you and they are a diverse and it's up to you what is your preferences what we as I said czech republic or particular committee will pryou for the internship is firstly cultural preparation and education it's about how to live abroad how to get ready about vaccinations about the culture about the culture shock but you can expect there you have possibility to meet with people who are in those countries and you can get ready to live not in the hotels or on.

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