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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 8453 S Reduced

Instructions and Help about How Form 8453 S Reduced

USDA programs so today I'm going to start just by giving you a little bit of background on our organization that's putting on the the workshop here tonight via webinar we are Michigan food and farming systems myths is a statewide nonprofit that's been operating in Michigan since 1998 and basically what we do is we serve underserved communities in agriculture so this includes multicultural farmers immigrant farmers women farmers beginning farmers and veteran farmers and we support these communities through all sorts of avenues primarily through workshops so we do a lot of on ground workshops and then also virtual workshops with 20 Mardin today and we also have farmer networks as well so a couple of the farmer networks that we operate across the state is the women in agriculture network which is based out of our incubator farm in Grand Blanc which is on the Genesis hospital complex out there at Grand Blanc it's a 3 acre complex and basically a place where women come together to learn about agriculture and and growing food we also operate the veterans in agriculture network which is the network that I myself direct and a buddy of mine Dylan Thomas both Army veterans we operate this network statewide we have about 500 veteran members that participate in this network and basically we are a network that helps us other veterans transition to careers in agriculture so a lot of the time when you get out of the military that's kind of figuring out what you want to do and where you're going to go to the next spot we as open uh try to help individuals navigate that process just real quick is all you are coming on to the webinar phones or your computers so that we don't get invited back this is being recorded so you don't want to maybe have a good ones or anything like that pop up on the recording so if you would just leave your phone or your computer in when you join it alright the last thing I wanted to mention here as far as the incubator farms and what your concern is the and farm development center this is a farm that we operate out of the ant Arbor area and this is a 40 acre farm where we basically help individuals that are kind of ready to take that next step from becoming a beginning farmer and maybe actually start you know growing something on a quarter acre an acre piece of property we help facilitate that and then we support those farmers through kind of shared resources on the farm so we'll sit and get my pointer here the picture use up here is actually of the Italian farm development center and you can see here on the barn we have a list of our participating farmers that were there in 2022 so another great way to get your feet wet and get a little bit of assistance as you're trying to get going into farming as a potential venture now some of you may see or experienced farmers many of you may be bean farmers some of you may be thinking about farming so a lot of these networks and these resources we talked about today and through Michigan food and farming systems are great askers you to be able to participate in that farming movement that we're seeing taking place here in Michigan regarding beginning farmers and kind of emerging areas of Agriculture of communities that typically have not been farming historically so a little bit about that now we also put on two really good events that come up every year the meet the buyers event is a fantastic event if you're at that point where you're interested in actually finding larger buyers this would be a great great event to be part of so the meet the buyers event is difficult at the Great Lakes fruit and vegetable Expo which is a fantastic conference that takes place the first week of December every year in the Grand we're in Grand Rapids and basically that meet the buyers event is where we bring buyers so organizations like Meijer Kroger Bronson hospitals and our producers are able to talk to those buyers one-on-one to figure out how is it that I actually get my products into a Meyer and these conversations that take place here often times very very candid with the buyers and you learn a lot and so it's a great outfit to take advantage of this coming year now we also have the Michigan family farms conference that we put on annually and this year will be our 15th annual family farms conference this is a fantastic conference really geared towards beginning farmers and and their families so it is a true family conference this year's conference is going to be February 3rd or I should say next year's conference is February 3rd of 2022 and it's going to be at Kalamazoo Valley Community College which will be a new location for us we've outgrown our previous location which was Marshall high school and we're ready to move on to some bigger and better things and so we look forward to having you all be a part of that if you're interested in that conference just to give you kind of a preview of what this conference looks like this is the 2022 workshop sessions that we have so you can see that there's a whole host of different topics in there everything from healthy soils to habitat management for pollinators all the way to mushroom farming hoop houses all sorts of interesting topics in addition to a full youth tract so we actually really focus on supporting families that come to this conference by offering a youth tract for children ages 5 to 17 and that's it's just a fantastic opportunity to bring the whole family to some farm education alright and.

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