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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 8453 S Taxpayers

Instructions and Help about How Form 8453 S Taxpayers

No handsaw here again constitutional crisis channel and this would be a relatively quick little video but somebody also listened to over the years might call food for thought and grounds for further research as I have a better hero i'll show you momentarily from a guy spent some time with researching when i was in towns they did have a really good law library on there we kind of pretty good one here too but that one is this bigger three storage now I took my bench as a visiting me come I go in there I said they take a look at fifty were all stunned you know because the law library up there wasn't a whole lot bigger than my chores and had about the same collection of books so they saw rested to my goddess of paradise compared to that anyway real talk about it are Sandoval today knowledge for our Sandoval and he was in the middle of his own fight with the tax boys the IRS and he had just gotten a letter back from them that he asked for certain information for them to provide him and they could do it to basically wanted to know an exact 40 a forum for taxpayer it didn't come out quite that way but their net effect is sustained and evoke them and you have a right to do this and asking all the documents documents are evidence they head to determine 80 was a quote-unquote person required to file a w-4 the answer you get back you wouldn't believe it unless you see it but it's great bureaucrat eat and the IRS antigen by saying that the services determination that you are a person required to file a w-4 is not memorialized in documentaire form we ain't got one how the hell do they know where the who's require new isn't required and I first you didn't see stuff like this you wouldn't believe it but the section is underlined here but my fingers are it says exactly that not memorializing documents there is one how important is this well as you'll see you compare this to some decisions a couple of them on the US Supreme Court and month on the federal court of appeals start with the court of appeals case first of all best vass be United States 784 federal second 1282 and attacks conviction was reversed in Texas that reduces the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals on the Browns and this is amazing because his attorney timely objected to the fact that the government had improved that Beth was their quote unquote employee within the meaning of 26 USC 3401 that's a key element of the crime and the government had intruded they hadn't sustained the burden of proof to miss a prima facie case and this conviction got reversed the historical note here the author of this opinion Edith Holland Jones that this opinion might have blown an opportunity to get appointed to the United States Supreme Court she would have been the second woman on the court behind Sandra Day O'Connor but with the loose cannon just like this quote unquote you can just see the Conservatives in the regular miss administration probably said we don't want to take any chances here because I understand at the time she was being considered but this case alone might have knocked her out of it but it was the right decision to make and here we are at 30 years later and those who do we know how to go and look in Shepherds you plug this trade in the Shepherd's you will not find a single case not 130 years now this kind of case beats the IRS across the board because they can't prove that you're a person enter saying the quadrille follows a w-4 or they can't prove your taxpayer that's an element of the crime and the Supreme Court has set a big case one of the most importantly ever decided called n re Winship wi n sh IP 397 us 358 that the government has the obligation you know to approve each and every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt or they can't get a conviction this is the supreme court saying if they're seven if that's the same thing in other case it's called morissette mor RISD tte roses united 342 us to 46 and pretty much said the same thing if they can't make the case the ball game is over because they can't prove it that's exactly where I am staying here and this is a big deal and I think I'm going to combine three videos because the next round is going to do you might ask why the right chart in traffic court well the reason for that is that that somewhat akin to what i have is native pricing and africa do when they go after element they go after the soft underbelly first knowing that a successful attack there will bring them down that's what i'm doing here and that's why the stakes are so high very few people on the other side appear to know that at this point but it's the same issues if we beat them in the traffic court we beat them in the tax course that's how it works and that's how important it is they're the same issues that once we get the supreme court deciding against the traffic court they've all but tended to victory in the Tax Court and gotten us out from under that's how important it is and that's why I'm doing this particular video and you see if you can find somebody to reconcile these things where I just told you the viruses not memorializing adopting interest form with the cases that I've given you and you'll be in the notes below to you can look them up you tell me how you can make.

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