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Instructions and Help about What Form 8453 S Bookmarked

Hi, hello everybody! Welcome to Bookmark Bookmarked. I can't speak, chapter 15. Today, we're gonna be talking about required reading. My name is Hannah and you are on my channel. My name is Zoe and I'm next. I'm from my channel, Read by Zoe, and I'm Haley from the channel Haley and Buckland. So as we said, our topic for today is required reading. We're basically going to be talking about all things that have to do with required reading, any of our favorite books that we were required to read, any of our least favorites, and here are the ones that we said we're going to read but we never actually read. And if you have any questions about required reading, you can go ahead and ask us in the chat here or on Twitter with the hashtag bookmarked. So yeah, go ahead and ask us any questions that you have. In the meantime, what are we all currently reading? What are you currently reading, right? I'm currently reading "The Vanishing Stair" by Maureen Johnson. I'm almost halfway through it right now. And here's what happened. I was filming a reading vlog yesterday as I was reading this book, but then Netflix released its Ted Bundy documentary series, and then I couldn't do anything except watch that. So I stopped reading it and filming the reading vlog. And then I'm also reading "The Truth About Keeping Secrets" by Savannah Brown. I'm still reading the same books I was reading last week. At least you're further into them than you were last week. That's true. I mean, I finished other books before these. So did you finish "Sakura Girls"? Yes, I did. I love our people during that live show. They're like, "We'll see how many books they actually read."...