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Instructions and Help about What Form 8453 S Bookmarked

Hi hello everybody welcome to bookmark bookmarked I can't speak chapter 15 today we're gonna be talking about required reading my name is Hannah you are on my channel my name is Zoe I'm next I'm my channel is read by Zoe and I'm Haley from the channel Haley and Buckland so as we said our topic for today is required reading so we're basically going to be talking about all things that have to do with required reading any of our favorite books that we were required to read any of our least favorites and here are the ones that we said we're it read but we never actually read and if you have any questions about required reading you can go ahead and ask us in the chat here or on Twitter with the hashtag bookmarked so yeah go ahead and ask us any questions that you have in the meantime what are we all currently reading what are you currently reading right I'm currently reading this is just the dust jacket but the vanishing stare by Maureen Johnson I'm like almost halfway through it right now and I okay so here's what happened I was filming a reading vlog yesterday as I was reading this book but then Netflix released it's Ted Bundy documentary series and then I couldn't do anything experienced watch that so I stopped reading it reading reading vlog and then I'm also reading the truth about keeping secrets by Savion around the same books I was reading last week at least you're further into them and then you were last week that's true I mean I finished other books before these so do you finish Sakho girls yes with myself I love our people during that live show they're like we'll see how many they actually read and we're like oh I'll prove you wrong we're gonna buddy read one right now and then only Haley follow through but on my shelf it'll be read anyway I'm currently reading other books reading siege and storm by Leigh bardugo the second book in the Grisha trilogy because guests who guessed guess who read shadow and bone in the day me it was okay I mean I don't like any of the characters but I think the world so it's good that it's all taking place in the same world but yeah I kind of just want to be done with the series so I can read the next series yeah honestly is um I'm currently reading my own book and having a great time doing it alright so um we are gonna look through the chat and as well as Twitter so if you have any of your questions go ahead and keep on asking them but to start off what are some of the books that you guys were required to read in high school college wherever I feel like mine will be different than yours cuz I'm feeling we had to me ya know I'm interested to know that though cuz like I feel like Zoe and I will probably have read some of the same boat yeah but I feel like you'll read different things for sure what really sticks out to me and I don't know if anyone else would know about it but I'm really hoping that someone does but in like fifth or maybe like great five her grade six we had to read a book called Bunnicula I remember that one yeah so felt like the vampire Bunny and I yes why it smell like this vampire bunny that's like terrorizing I don't know it's like Stuart Little gone wrong I just it was a lot for me did not enjoy it at all but we had to read that and then was the other we had to read one that was like my alien teacher or something like that I don't actually know what the title was but it was about like this teacher that was actually maybe it's my teachers actually an alien that might be the title we have to read that one too we read some really weird things like really strange I don't know what is going on in Canada but that's apparently what's happening I feel like I didn't have any required reading in elementary school we had a our accelerated reader where we had oh my gosh yeah oh yeah I remember I like the singing I feel like remember my babysitter's a vampire like Channel original movie but we don't really I didn't live as a kid we have Family Channel we had a lot of the same shows but so like the whole thing where they make like the most I never got that I still think that video where they're trying to do it you know what I'm talking about that yeah they're trying to make the mouse it's still funny but we never had that perspective - the kid I was ashamed that they got it wrong all the time like excuse me I've been training my whole life for this anyway I just you had required reading in elementary school because you did I mean we had Sunshine State books so we had a list of books that because for Florida is the Sunshine State so yeah so we had a list of books that were popular or that were recommended or I don't know if they were written by people from Florida or they were just books that they recommended to kids that age but if you read all of them you got to go to like a pizza party and that was my goal every year we also had um like accelerated reader where we had to go to the library like once a week or something pick out some books and then read it during the week and then at the end of the week we had to take like a.

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