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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 8453 S Transmitter

Instructions and Help about What Form 8453 S Transmitter

Music hello welcome to tuner tips by tata Bert if you enjoy reviews comparisons Band scans of doing classic portable radios then please subscribe and tap the bell icon so you don't miss any future videos you guys heard the drill I just like to say it every time it's good deal in front of me I have a really cool product from sea crane FM transmitter to definitely awesome for a tuner tips episode transmits any audio to any FM radio without wires can you guys just imagine what you can do with this I knew this existed for cars I really didn't know they existed for the home I never really thought about it until I started doing reviews on radios and I had to go through the FM band real fast because I was afraid to get copyright uh you know copyright warnings so I'm like I gotta think of something that I can you know play some music transmit to the FM radio so I you know my listeners can hear the audio capability and I'm like there's gotta be some and I found it this works out great so here you go talking more about what it can do it was your company more still of features timer that's cool better strength meter okay so all this fun stuff I pretty much okay to the AC adapter some worry about batteries but it is portable which is another bonus you can use it in the car park wherever you're at I think it's great alright so let's go ahead and show was in the box so in the box we get some stuff we get the AC adapter which is great you don't have to worry about batteries all the time bonus and it's a linear power supply so doesn't purse any noise had really good luck with this the other day and I'll explain what that was about in a little while let's see what else we got so yeah I know I had an adapter here somewhere here's a manual here's the adapter so they give you an RCA stereo adapter so that's a nice one hookup to figure equipment stereo let's do stereo which is great here's the manual pretty much basic tells you everything you need to know back here is really good it dimensions will go over there's the frequency response forty Hertz up to 15 I was like 15 kilohertz this is the big one first set of batteries to EE is last 120 hours that is amazing I did not think it would last that long so yeah this is really cool so and then I got a different tips on making it transmitted better and talked about placing it on a metal filing cabinet refrigerator cool so you get that and you get the warranty card what else you get I think it's about it in the box and we get the transmitter there is a little guy it's pretty small yeah I like it so dimension wise three and a quarter inches wide three and a half inches high depth of an inch get this little baby antenna up here and this extends out up to what is this I love an inch so pretty short antenna but I get good coverage with this not explain the coverage to a little bit and we'll go over features on the left side here we all do in it's a fixed cable it's pretty long as you can see yeah very very long here's your DC in looks like it goes three to six volts it's kinda nice so you can use different DAP ders on the front you saw the antenna swivels 360 it's pretty cool because this unit can stand sit like this flat with the antenna straight up or you can have it sit like this with tinta no straight up or pivot it however you need to I like that nice nice options so see crane and boss on the top there we have power switch and we have a level indicator we have tuning and we have a tuning up and down buttons little rubber feet input level knob on the side again pretty basic stuff back here they go over the input for the batteries the frequency range 88.3 107.7 alright and then here we have the compartment for the two double-a batteries what we're gonna do is we're gonna plug in my transformer and we're gonna show you how this works so the main reason why I bought it was to do to show off the audio capabilities FM radio so this is it so go ahead and turn this on like I said 98.1 you can use radio locator comm I believe and it's in the manual and tell you how to find a station that's pretty empty you know next to other stations you know so you're not having to try to transmit over them because you're not going to be able to but I found nice quiet zone and this frequency go and extend this up and then here's your battery strength indicator right there and what we do is what I do is hook up to my mp3 player this is how I do radio fritatta Burt when you listen to that so I'll go ahead and turn a sign and we'll see if we can play some music on us so you can see how this works okay so there we go it's playing and if you look you want a nice flashing green light like that if you turn this input level up higher higher the volume gets louder and louder on the station which is good but if you go too high you'll start flashing red and I'll show you how that what that looks like yeah you don't want it red so you turn that volume down a device and you can.

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