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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8453 S Bulletin

Instructions and Help about When Form 8453 S Bulletin

Good afternoon, this is Brad Hennings here at Chisolm Chisolm in Kilpatrick, and we're doing a Facebook live talk today about the claims and appeals backlog for VA benefits. Joining me are two attorneys at the firm, Crystal McDonough Ginn and Lindy Nash, and they're both gonna be joining me in discussing this very important topic. Just to let you know, if you have any questions as we're going along, please leave a comment there on Facebook or leave a question and we'll try to answer it as we can. If you're getting this when it's not live, you can do the same and we'll try to get back to you. Please also visit our website at the CCK law comm or contact us for any reason, really. So let's get started talking about the VA claims and appeals backlog. So, Lindy, what is the Veterans Benefits Administration and how does it fit into VA as a whole? Sure, so the VA actually is made up of several different parts. There are several administration's within the VA, and so the VBA, the Veterans Benefits Administration, is just one part of the VA. The VHA, which is the Veterans Health Administration, is within the VA as well as the National Cemetery Administration and others. So the VBA is just one part, but what the VBA does is that it actually oversees a variety of different benefits, and that's everything from compensation to pension fiduciary issues, education benefits, insurance, even. So that's kind of where the VBA fits into the VA. So there are the benefits people as opposed to the Veterans Health Administration, which handles healthcare, yep, exactly. Okay, so Christian, there's this claims backlog and there's an appeals backlog at the Veterans Benefits Administration. So what's the difference? Yeah, so a claim is just...