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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8453 S Certification

Instructions and Help about When Form 8453 S Certification

Music hi there and welcome to coaching minute Monday I'm Jennifer Fletcher president founder of Christian coach Institute good to have you here today I have a passion for helping coaches become highly competent confident and fiercely courageous so that you can step out and launch successful and thriving coaching business and ministries and really do the work that you feel God is calling you to do make a difference in this world and I use my coaching minute Mondays to either share some tips and techniques or to answer questions that come in so today's question is just ecumene in a nutshell Janice will you spell out the requirement for ICF certification so yes I am literally going to spell out the certification for ICF a year for you today on our coaching minute Monday so thank you to those who just joined us and for those who may be listening to the replay on Janice Laura Fletcher founder and president of Christian coach Institute and this is coaching minute Monday the question that came in again is in a nutshell will you spell out how to be certified by the ICF it's good to see you're Tracey and I see down out there as well so let's get started and for those who stay until the end I do have a summary that I'm happy to send to you as well so for the purpose of this broadcast what I'm going to do is first give you the ICF page where you would go if you wanted to do some research and I'm on the Coast Federation org website coach Federation orgs and once you arrive you would go to individual credentialing now for the purpose of this broadcast I'm really going to focus on the associates by coach that's the first level ACC something to remember is that the ICF is an independent certifying body so when you receive your certification from your coach training school that does not make you ICF certified even though your school may be an ICF accredited school you do still need to apply to the ICF to receive your certification there are three levels the ACC associate certified coach PCC professional certified coach an MCC master certified coach for today we're focused on the ACC and I'm going to spell them out and do this in a way hopefully that is quite simple what I want you to know also is there are three paths to certification and that depends on the training that you've received there are two accredited coach training types of schools there's the a CTP and the ACF th then there's the another path called portfolio the portfolio path is if you received your training from coach training schools that are not approved by ICF or they're just purely a CCE or coach continuing education pipe schools so here at Christian coach Institute we are accredited we are an ACS th school so let's look at the acronym that I've prepared for you today and that acronym is the word team T EAM so for certification for ICF you first need the TN team is for training you need at least 60 hours of Coach specific training hours to apply for your ACC credential and in their 60 hours when I say coach specific please make sure that you check to make sure that you've received the 60 hours of the coach specific training so I kind of stuttered over that for a second because there are different types of training hours not all hours are equal there's coach specific training hours and there are other resources so you specifically want 60 hours of coach specific training hours so that's the TNT training second is the word e and e is for experience you need 100 coaching hours for your ACC credential now if you go to the website you will notice that right under the ACC associate certified coach page there's clear explanation here that your hundred hours you need 75 of those to be paid or trade and you need eight clients following the start of your coach training and 25 of the hours can be in pro bono all right and in fact those hours of pro bono can actually be a part of your training hour or not training hours but your peer to peer coaching while you're in training those can count as a pro bono that make sense so while you're going through coach training and you are pure coaching you can count those hours only as pro bono while you're in the training while you're going through the training once you've got once you complete your training VIN of course you can begin to appear coach and do that in the trades way so that those traded hours will also count towards the paid hours so tell me since again I have a summary for you at the end if that would help next is in the word team is a for a segment you need assessment verbally orally for your coach calls to be assessed you need to get feedback from your coach trainer letting you deliver you know you know where you're doing well and where you can continue to advance and grow in your coaching so that's part of the a innocence the other a well the other part of assessment is the written assessment and you do need to take a written test with the ICF it's a hundred and fifty questions and you need to pass with at least 70% accuracy so that's the other part of a a for assessment meaning oral as well as written and then finally the letter M in team is for mentoring hours you need 10 hours of ICF mentoring from an ICS mentor coach those 10 hours can be seven can be grouped and three in the individual or all ten can be individual but not all.

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