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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8453 S Withholding

Instructions and Help about When Form 8453 S Withholding

One thing you may want to do when you're working on your form w-4 is to use the IRS withholding calculator and this will give you a little bit more exact information that will help you to calculate your withholding allowances so in the example we've got the calculator up and the purpose is to help employees to ensure that they do not have too much or too little income tax withheld from their pay and it's not a replacement for w-4 but it is easier to use and it's more accurate so tips for using the program have some of your pay stubs handy have your most recent income tax form handy and any information that applies to your situation and just work through here you'll eventually print out the final screen so we'll go ahead and go to you continue to the withholding calculator and this is how it works you just check what applies to you and just continue on and this will take you all the way through and we won't go through the whole form but this is what it looks like and based on the information you have you'll continue on to result that will be as accurate as you can get with the information that you have.

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