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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8453 S Charities

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8453 S Charities

Music good afternoon good morning or Aloha depending on where you're viewing this webinar from welcome and thank you for joining us for now what how the new federal tax law impacts charitable nonprofits my name is Rick Cohen and with the National Council of nonprofits and like to again welcome you to this special nationwide webinar today this webinar is being recorded so if you'd like to come back and review some points later on just stay tuned we'll be emailing you after this with a link to the recording as well as some additional resources we'll be talking about throughout the webinar if you have any questions that you'd like to send in that will try to tackle during the Q&A later on there's that link on the screen for you it's WW Council of nonprofits Arg slash webinar question webinar questions all one word feel free to send in your questions anytime throughout the webinar we'll try to cover as many as we can toward the end but we do have several thousand registrants who are tuning in so we probably will not be able to get to all the questions you can also send questions via twitter using the hashtag now what NPS we also invite you to share some of the learnings that you hear along the way with that hashtag you'll also find that hashtag at the bottom right hand corner of your screen on every slide as well as the National Council of nonprofits Twitter handle now without further ado let me turn things over to our president and CEO Tim Delaney thanks Rick welcome to everyone on this special webinar on behalf of the National Council of nonprofits and our nationwide network of nonprofits is this map shows the National Council of nonprofits connects nonprofits from coast to coast and border to border by working with and through our member state associations of nonprofits and nonprofit allies across the country National Council of nonprofits is the nation's largest network of nonprofits the state associations of nonprofits connect the nonprofit's in their states on a sector-wide basis not just the arts or education or foundations or human services but all of them and more they serve as capacity builders for nonprofits conveners of the sector advocates for sound public policies on which all 501 C 3 organism and because they share that information across state lines it leverages knowledge to protect it advance the work of all nonprofits in addition because so much public policy work is done at the state level we're proud that many national organizations concerned about state public policy matters have joined us as state policy allies groups such as the Alliance of American museums Habitat for Humanity United Way and the Y formerly known as the YMCA so the new federal tax law applies with equal force across the entire country the map on your screen shows the major highways in the United States when driving along those highways you can see many things but other parts are somewhat hidden along other roads and in nooks and crannies that have yet to be explored the same is true with the new federal tax code we can see some things now but much more will be revealed and explored later during the next hour we will pause to look at some of the most visible parts of the 500-page bill the topics identified on your screen now but please remember that this is not a comprehensive tour of the United States or the new federal tax law the bill wasn't introduced until two months ago and was a moving target up until it was passed 10 days before the end of the year said another way the new law was signed into law less than three weeks ago people will need more time to explore not just the nooks and crannies but even some of the more visible parts for this overview I will underscore three important items first I want to thank the following groups that have made this webinar possible our National Board the week after the new federal tax law was signed into law art board members met to consider how the new law could impact the work of charitable nonprofits their commitment to the sector helped design this webinar our network last week we held national calls with State Association leaders from your state's to gather their ideas about the new federal tax law as usual they shared important insights from across the country to fit pieces of this new puzzle together to help build out this webinar our mission funding partners who prus general operating support we value the trust you place in this so we can be nimble in addressing emergent needs for the nonprofit community we also encourage all funders right now as to the importance of the general operating support for your grantees during these uncertain times finally to the thousands of you who are participating today from all 50 states thank you for your commitment to advancing and protecting nonprofit missions we appreciate that you registered for this webinar to learn what you can do to comply with this new law and the unfolding consequences please note that this webinar is not carved in stone when the tax law bill has been signed into law a while it has been signed into law the IRS has provided very little guidance during the last three weeks so the black letter the statutes exist but the gray areas of interpretation on how to implement the statutes have not been issued that means much of what people are thinking right now is preliminary also this webinar is not legal advice it is not accounting advice it is not designed for subsets of the 501c3 sector although the new federal tax law contains provisions of special interest to certain nonprofits such as higher education we are not addressing narrow subsets on this.

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