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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 8453 S Index

Instructions and Help about Who Form 8453 S Index

Welcome back ox tools I'm tom so today we have a little an interesting little problem one of the viewers it asked me a couple of questions about indexing apart in the mill to put a square on the end of something and so something like you'd see at the end of a Chuck key so the square so the idea is that you Mela flag the new index and the amela flat and the index is emailed flat so so there's you know there's some ways you can do that and I started thinking about I'm like wow so what have you had you know what if you had to do a pretty nice job right and nice accurate indexing well you you know there's a number of ways you can do it you can use a square you you can cut one and then rotate it and then indicate it so there's many different methods for possibly indexing that and do an accurate job of it so the this this viewer his name is Eric he doesn't have a lot of tools he's just kind of starting out so he's building his own tools and it's just kind of getting going so doesn't want to spend a lot of money or doesn't have a lot of money I'm not sure which and but he right now he just doesn't have a lot of tooling and equipment so he's got a mill and some one two three blocks and some cutters and things like that so kind of I would say minimal tooling just starting out so I started thinking about it from that perspective is you know what would you do if you just had really kind of bottom you know basic beginner tooling right how would you Index it you know he doesn't have a collar block and then you know or a spin index or or etc etc so there's there's literally dozens of ways that you can do that but if you're limited in your tooling to really really bare minimum stuff it starts to get a little trickier I think so in a way you know we're spoiled by all of our tooling right but if you're on a desert island and you have a milling machine in a vise and a couple of parallels you know in no mcmaster-carr or MSE or whoever right you know how would you do that and do a nice job of it so that it would that would be an accurate job so anyway I started thinking about it and I fiddled around with a couple of couple of possibilities in the nice MCS that's you know I might make an interesting video it's let me know what you think okay so we'll try we'll do a couple of things and I'll throw it out there and we'll see what people think about it okay so let's get going all right so what I get here is our test victim here this is just a piece of half-inch diameter cold rolled steel rod and we'll put a little little square on one end so it's you know it's 12 millimeter rod steel and we're just going to put an arbitrary square on the end there okay so the idea is we're going to get it in the vise and then we'll Mel it and then we'll rotate it while Mel and rotate cetera et cetera so the first thought and I don't know if eric has this tooling is is you know one way you can you can achieve this is by clamping it to something else that is square so this is ground nice and square on the on the side let's see here we see in this okay yeah so it's ground real square on the side and it's ground will square on on the bottom so right right out of the gate you know we've got one two there's three sides right there and just by clamping the two of e block okay so another way might be to and it depends how you can modify the part you can attach something temporarily to the end a little flag or something like that that you could use to index but we're just going to do that do this with common tooling so I don't know if eric has a it has a set of B block so here's some different ones here so this is a this is a little Taff Pierce here and this is a brown and sharp just a small multi Vblock with a clamp and then this is a little set of starett that are on a guide rod here but in in general these are accurately made square between the the V and the side and the bottom so anyway that's one way to that you could index that part but we're not going to use the V block I just wanted to show that as a possibility so I think we're going to get even more basic than that so he did say he had some one two three blocks which is good and and if he's got a mill and he's using his mill we're gonna we're going to make the leap of faith and say he has some some parallels available to him okay so here's our rod so what I was thinking might be an interesting way to do this is once again clamping something to this that is our reference for 90 degrees now this is just a chunk it it could be a parallel this is a this is a lathe tool bit here or could this be a piece of cold-rolled so here we can clamp this and now we can get a 90 degree index pretty easily there so let's let's just do that and let's get that set up so I'm just going to clamp this to this with.

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