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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8453 S Copyright

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8453 S Copyright

This disconnect between the public's view of copyright and fair use and on what should and should not be prosecuted versus the copyright Maximus view of the law is our generations prohibition copyright exists to promote the useful arts according to the Constitution but is it still doing that and should the government protect so-called intellectual property in the same way that it protects other forms of property we asked the professor a movie studio representative and a tech company founder and CEO these questions but before we share their answers I want to assure the MPAA officials watching this video that I did my best not to use any copyrighted material without the owner's permission but it was pretty difficult like it would be nice to use a clip from Steamboat Willie Disney's first animated feature when introducing this clip of Chaplin the University professor Tom Bell who invented a non copyrighted graph called the Mickey Mouse curve which we'll talk about later there are a lot of people who equate copyright to property and although there are similarities I think that's a mistake as soon as we start using the word property for copyright we end up taking less seriously our property rights and things like cars and houses but some people think copyright is the same as property the Motion Picture Association of America put out that famous ad which we can't play here because it might be a copyright violation that says you wouldn't steal a car downloading pirated films is stealing I think there is a moral equivalence between you know actual shoplifting of a physical object as opposed to you know downloading say a movie you know without paying for it when you steal a candy bar or a car you've left somebody without something to eat or something to drive if you make an unauthorized copy of a movie it may be illegal maybe it should be illegal but it's not theft not in the same way that stealing property is theft because why because the studio still has their movie they don't make as much money as they want but they still have not suffered theft we can get into semantics debates about whether or not one qualifies as quote-unquote stealing or not but the fact is that it's wrong and it hurts creators and ultimately it hurts the public because if this kind of piracy is allowed to run rampant it'll deprive the public of the next great film the heated battle over the Stop Online Piracy Act SOPA represents the most recent clash over the proper scope of copyright after a massive online revolt led by tech giants like Wikipedia and Google Congress took notice and killed SOPA and it's Senate counterpart PIPA I think that we had a very close call I think SOPA and PIPA almost went by on the undetected and that would have been pretty damaging to the Internet Ben ha is the founder and CEO of cheeseburger home of Lal cats failblog and other internet favorites that were the subject of what became the anti-sopa movements protest song every login was refused the day the law cats died the more you read the bill the more alarming it became every single provision was like I can't believe that writing this our web needs more than lawyers lobbies and lives to speak up before the internet dies but chef nurse says that worries about sopas reach were overblown these were narrowly targeted bills at a specific kind of foreign what we call rogue websites these are basically websites that do nothing else except distribute infringing material but sites like Google Wikipedia and cheeseburger protested the bill because they feared unintended consequences that might result from the broad language in the bills text we actually have an Austrian domain name and in fact according to the bill that would be considered a foreign foreign site and if that site posted material that was potentially infringing a copyright in their view they would not require a verdict from a court of law in order to go pursue that domain so we as a US company would fall under the jurisdiction of this bill this is one in a long long string of what we call copyright Maxim ISM and in fact when you look at copyrights in a Maximus view almost everything we do is copyright infringement how did copyright law become so far-reaching Tom Bell's Mickey Mouse curve helps explain in 1928 Mickey Mouse whom we cannot portray here in any fashion so just try to imagine how these three concentric black circles might form his Vistage first onto the scene was a movie called Steamboat Willie which we also can't play here in the following years Mickey Mouse became a star and in fact the face of the giant powerful beloved corporation which presented a problem when to then 56-year copyright term on Steamboat Willie was approaching expiration but Congress signed a 1976 copyright extension Act which kicked in all to coincidentally just in time to save Mickey from the creative clutches of his would beat filers for another 19 years Mickey's time was running out once again when the Sonny Bono acts saved the day by extending the copyright life of works of corporate authorship to a remarkable 120 years Mickey remains in safely white gloved hands and till at least 2022 the world's first copyright law protected works for only 14 years if the copyright was 14 years you would see Star Wars in the public domain imagine the amount of creativity imagine the amount of new business and new content and new jobs that would create but chef nurse says that it's the strong enforcement of copyright that is spurring creativity in jobs the damage that piracy does is very deep and if left unchecked it'll really have an impact on the number and quality of movies and television shows produced is.

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