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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 8453 S Copyright

Instructions and Help about Why Form 8453 S Copyright

This disconnect between the public's view of copyright and fair use, and on what should and should not be prosecuted versus the copyright Maximus view of the law, is our generation's prohibition. Copyright exists to promote the useful arts according to the Constitution, but is it still doing that? Should the government protect so-called intellectual property in the same way that it protects other forms of property? We asked the professor, a movie studio representative, and a tech company founder and CEO these questions. But before we share their answers, I want to assure the MPAA officials watching this video that I did my best not to use any copyrighted material without the owner's permission. But it was pretty difficult, like it would be nice to use a clip from Steamboat Willie, Disney's first animated feature, when introducing this clip of Chaplin. The University professor, Tom Bell, who invented a non-copyrighted graph called the Mickey Mouse curve, which we'll talk about later, said, "There are a lot of people who equate copyright to property, and although there are similarities, I think that's a mistake. As soon as we start using the word property for copyright, we end up taking less seriously our property rights and things like cars and houses. But some people think copyright is the same as property." The Motion Picture Association of America put out that famous ad, which we can't play here because it might be a copyright violation, that says, "You wouldn't steal a car. Downloading pirated films is stealing." Professor Bell disagrees, "I think there is a moral equivalence between you know actual shoplifting of a physical object, as opposed to, you know, downloading say a movie, you know without paying for it. When you steal a candy bar or a car, you've left somebody without...