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Instructions and Help about Why Form 8453 S Update

Three cameras pointed at the sky. Three people with no clue what on earth they could be looking at filmed this year. These are the spookiest videos so far of the unexplained up above. In Mexico in January this year, an amateur cameraman is one of a crowd gathered to look at a light in the sky. There's a trail dragging behind a very slow moving object. "It can't be a plane," says one man. Then another light appears on the horizon. It behaves, moving the same way. The following week, on the other side of the world, a group of teenagers in India stop by the side of the road. This time, they see a group of glowing objects that move slowly, light up and fade out. Then one object appears to drop behind a tree. "Okay, we're in the process of taking pictures with the 400, that's the strangest of all," says one of the teenagers. The footage was shot miles above the earth in April. NASA was feeding live shots from a shuttle outside the Earth's orbit. As they reposition the camera, we can see what they've been looking at. However, these space experts can't agree on what it is. "Okay, we're seeing three or four objects. Can you confirm that it's just the one that's actually moving? The other ones are just reflections?" asks a NASA official. "Now there are three objects, the one you see using two rings right there. They're the ones we kind of had a late Tallyho on," replies another official. These objects, which were seen thousands of miles apart, continue to baffle everyone who saw them. These UFOs all remain unexplained.